Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Timing Belt, Rear Sway Bar, and Trailer Hitch

I took my car down to a friend of my fathers that allows me to use the shop and all its glory! With free roam of the shop and access to a lift we made quick work of everything that we had to get done! Starting with the timing belt...


Somethings missing...

Perrin LCP

Sorry I don't have many pictures of the swap but it's nothing special. Just a new belt.

Next up was the new rear sway bar. Its a COBB 24mm 3-Way Adjustable with HD Mounts that I got off of NASIOC. I painted it red to match my front Eibach ;)

Pretty fly for a white guy...

Sadly though the sway bar doesn't mount correctly. The end links sit on the inside of the sway bar and it makes a clunking and a popping noise as you drive around over bumps. To fix this I need to get STI Lateral Links so I'm in the search for those now. Never ending money pit ;)

The final chore for the day was to put on my trailer hitch so I can tow the jet ski around this summer and possibly to Myrtle Beach for the big move.

The problem is that when I took my tow hook off to repaint it red I ended up cross-threading the hole it goes in so bad to the point we couldn't even chase down the threads. They don't call me Kross-Thread Kevin for nothing! ;)

We ended up dropping a bolt down into the hole and had it welded in place so it just acts as a stud now. Good as new!

 After this I got my OZ's on for the summer and all prepped up! Stay tuned for more Summer action coming your way!

-The Subaru Project


  1. That seemed like a lot of work, but you were able to handle it pretty well. It’s an advantage that you have a friend who owns a shop and you can work on your car anytime. That’s certainly a convenient thing for you! By the way, I like your car. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s a Subaru Impreza, right? Impressive car.

    1. Thanks! And yes sir its a Subaru Impreza

  2. Hi, Kevin! You haven’t been updating this blog. How’s your experience with your Subaru Impreza so far? How are the new timing belt, sway bar and trailer hitch that you installed in your car? Are they working great and still in good condition? I’d love to know more updates because I’m planning to add some new accessories to my ride too. :) -Stelle Courney