Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Long Time No See!

Its been a while since I've posted on here! To be complete;y honest I was trying to sell my car to get a WRx or STI in white after seeing this picture...

This made me want one in the WORST way, but after realizing that I can't argue with a 33mpg commuter for right now I decided to keep my car. Restart the awesome!

After getting a nice clean wash, and vacuuming courtesy of the girlfriend ;)...

Note the new side skirts ;)

...The buying frenzy continued!

I ordered some more gold high temp paint so I can paint my summer wheels...
Need new paint and rubber

JDM Front 4 Pot brakes with Stainless steel lines for the front and rear, and a COBB 24mm sway bar to match the front Eibach one my girlfriend also bought me:)

Went to the Englishtown Swap meet too and picked up some cool stuff. Got a SOHC JDM License plate for my front window...

Which one looks better?
and some old Subaru service manuals which I thought were pretty awesome. For $10 how could I say no?

Also since the weather is finally getting nice enough to use the bike rack I put on not to long ago (Had a write up but deleted all the pictures) I started going on rides with my friend to get him in shape for the Navy.

That's his Cougar next to me
All ready to go!

My 2008 Marin East Peak

That's the general overview of whats been going on but be sure to stay tuned since I'll be updating this blog again!

-Subaru Project

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