Sunday, April 22, 2012

New York Auto Show 2012!

Happy Birthday to myself! For my birthday a bunch of friends and I went into the city to look at all the fancy new cars! I'll just let my pictures do the talking for this one...

Chevy and Cadillac were right in the beginning of the side entrance

Much, Much more to see!...


New Turbo-charged Engine


Locked :( Wish I could have sat in it

They let you make your own music out of this thing
Shameless plug on the white board wall ;)
New Chevy concept car

Hot Wheels Camaro


Slow? I think so...

Porsche Exhibit

New Bug

LFA <3

2013 Dodge Viper


GTR x2

The Shine Police

Dodge Dart Rally Car

No more morning traffic!

And now onto the good stuff ;)
STI Sedan


BRZ Goodness...

No shift knob :(

Trunk Space for sale

Dat ass
Pretty cool engine display they had set up



MW3 Edition


Back to the Future?

Jeep Expo outside

More Jeep expo 

Murdered out Audi

Bus on a sidewalk?
You can't really tell but there was a lot of wind on the river and this ferry was going sideways. Hardcore rally car sideways

 That sums up my day! All in all had an awesome time and it was a great way to spend the birthday! Hopefully I'll be able to make it up here for the next one!

Stay tuned for posts about my new side skirts and Yakima Highroller install!

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